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Cardiovascular Thoracic Words & Phrases, 3rd ed.

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Cardiovascular Terminology for Medical Transcription

Reference a list of important medical terms, to maximize accuracy and effectiveness in transcription.  There is a limited stock for this book. Order Now, while it is still in print!

We've added many new categories of terms. In addition to the words and phrases from the last edition, which includes Cardiac Imaging (invasive and noninvasive), Cardiac Surgery (scads of surgical instruments and new procedures), Cardiopulmonary, Cardiothoracic, Cardiovascular, Pediatric Cardiology, we've added terms from the following list:

Diagnostic cardiology (invasive and noninvasive diagnostic procedures like EKG terms, electrophysiology, and lab tests)

Therapeutics and rehabilitation terms

Pulmonary and Respiratory (thousands more terms pertaining to asthma, respiratory allergies, bronchitis, tuberculosis and other pulmonary conditions, ventilators, as well as diagnostic procedures, ventilatory terminology, blood gases, and lab tests)

Pulmonary surgery (tracheostomy, tracheotomy)

Medications and drug classes (cardiovascular, anticoagulants and thrombolytics, and pulmonary and respiratory)

Syndromes, diseases, and anomolies (have been expanded, including genetic, acquired, congenital physiologic and structural defects.)

Softcover, 2004.


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