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Radiology and Imaging Words & Phrases, 2nd ed.

Medical terminology reference book, for transcriptionists


Radiology Transcription Terminology    

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Radiology Terminology for Medical Transcription

This book contains a comprehensive list of medical words needed by radiology transcriptionists.
The second edition of this best-selling Radiology/Imaging Words and Phrases has been updated and expanded to nearly 760 pages of medical terms! We have added many new categories and cross-references, including:

  • Greatly expanded view, positions, and methods categories
  • Medical terminology for updated and expanded imaging agents, including PET, SPECT, and ultrasound radiation therapy agents
  • Expanded classifications, diseases, syndromes word categories
  • Many new terms related to infertility, interventional radiology, catheters, devices, PET, SPECT, and ultrasound
  • Much more!

This is a great resource for all transcriptionists who deal with radiology terms.

Softcover, 2007.