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Vera Pyle's Current Medical Terminology, 11th ed.

Adjunct Electronic Medical Dictionary for Medical Transcriptionists and Students


Vera Pyle's famous "silver book" is now available in pdf format!  You will appreciate having 1,022 searchable pages you can download to your computer.  Only $24!

***Please read ALL of the information below before paying!***

This electronic reference contains 1,022 pages packed with the high-quality research transcriptionists have come to expect from Health Professions Institute. Vera Pyle's "silver book" has been the favorite "must-have" reference among medical transcriptionists for 25 years.  Now you can have it on your computer, and searching for the terms you need has never been faster.


  • PDF file with convenient search capability that instantly takes you to all uses of your word.
  • Numerous bookmarks and major category headings make browsing easier.
  • Glossary format: definitions, explanations, and examples of usage in dictation.
  • New, difficult, and "odd-ball" terms that are hard to find or verify.
  • More phonetic entries than ever.
  • Researched and compiled by transcriptionists for transcriptionists.

Most medical transcriptionists and students already have a comprehensive medical dictionary such as Dorland's or Stedman's (the only two HPI recommends for MTs).  These dictionaries are not updated frequently enough to contain the most current medical terms, and other terms are probably in the big dictionaries but you can't find them!

That's where Vera Pyle's Current Medical Terminology comes in.  It's NOT a comprehensive medical dictionary.  It has only NEW, DIFFICULT, and HARD-TO-FIND terms, along with definitions and explanations for usage in dictation.


System Requirements:

Internet browser: Internet Explorer version 8 or above / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / Safari

Operation System: Windows XP, Vista or 7; Mac for online viewing only

BlackBerry: Screen resolution of 480x360 or higher. BlackBerry OS 5 or higher

iPhone / iPad: iOS 4.0 or higher

Computer: 300 MB disk space, 512 minimum RAM

Note:  Those with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.) have access to value-added features such as text highlighting and comments.


Frequently Asked Questions

On how many computers can I install this book?  Each purchase is tied to your email address, and you can access the document wherever you check email. It's also tied to the device you've downloaded it to.

Can the book be installed on a network? No.

What kind of document is this? A PDF document with extensive bookmarks and major category headings to make navigation easy. Click on the letter B, and the computer will take you to the B's. Click on catheter, and the computer will take you to the list of catheters.

Can I search for terms? Absolutely. Press Ctrl-F and enter your word or phrase without quotes. You can either find one entry at a time or select "Show search results dialog" for a list of all appearances with page numbers. Then you can click on the entries you want to see.

What about Boolean searches and "sounds like" searches?
No. This book does not contain either of these search capabilities.

If your organization has unique needs, please contact us to see if we can accommodate you. We have made custom arrangements with several companies and look forward to serving you too!



Download 1,022 Searchable Pages
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